Garden Room, Northamptonshire
We have spent so much time in our homes over the last year, people are clamouring for a little more space. Whether they are moving into larger properties, extending their properties, or building garden rooms, people are looking to broaden their world just a little bit more. 

Your own Garden Bar 

We have spent so much time in isolation, haven’t we? Too long have we been waiting for Boris to lift the starter gates and get us all back together again. Now, it looks like it might finally happen. This summer, we could have people back into our homes and lighting the barbecues this summer. 
And, let’s be honest, nothing says social like a good pub, right? 
Installing a bar in your garden room is an excellent way of getting people back together again. Whilst the steaks are being flipped, you could reconnect with family and friends by pouring them a glass of their favourite tipple or making a cocktail for the more adventurous of your social circle. 
Uses for Garden Room, Northamptonshire

Your own Garden Kids playroom 

Do you have one of houses where each room has become a minefield of toys? Are you having to pull Lego from the bottom of your feet on a daily basis? Now that the sun’s out, perhaps it is time to relegate the kids to the bottom of the garden. 
Jokes aside, a garden room makes a great den. It is a great way to make sure your children aren’t cooped up like battery hens in your house; it gives them a way to stretch their legs and enjoy a bit more space. 

Your own Garden Gym 

Have you been bitten by the fitness bug over lockdown? Many people have. They have been pounding the streets or cycling around town. Partially because they want to improve their fitness; partially because at least they can get out of the house. 
One thing has often led to another and the runners have bought dumbbells, skipping ropes and resistance bands. All they need is a space to be able to workout in peace without kicking their televisions over. Cue the garden room suggestion. 
You could quite easily set up your garden room as a small workout studio for when the weather is too nasty to run in, but you still want to keep on top of your fitness. 
Uses for a Garden room, painting

Your own Garden Gallery 

Perhaps you are the creative sort. You might have a penchant for painting or be a collector of curios. Either way, you might have run out of room in your house for all your collectibles or sculptures. Having a mini museum or gallery at the bottom of your garden might be one of the quirkiest, yet fun, uses of a garden room. 
It’s great for clearing space in the house when your creativity begins to take over your rooms. You can still have the thrill of collecting and showing off those items you have painstakingly curated, but now they have their own shrine at the bottom of your garden. 

Your own Garden Games room 

People have spent so much time in their home over the last eighteen months, they could have forgotten that they weren’t always offices, schools and entertainment hubs. Yes, people have been chewing through the walls. This is where garden games rooms can be useful. 
Not only can you step out of the house to have a little bit of fun, but you aren’t contained in the same four walls trying to keep your temper with the same few people. Use your garden room as a pool, skittles or darts room and give yourself, and your family, a great reprieve. 

Garden rooms are good for your Mental Health? 

When you are designing the décor of your conservatory, your colour scheme will be important to you. You may tend to like bright or dark colours, and that is fine. Each to their own. 
However, if you are worried about the rising temperatures of summer, it is best to think about decking your conservatory out in light colours. 
Dark colours tend to absorb the heat. Light and pastel colours will reflect the heat, keeping you cooler in the summer months. 
We would love to hear how you have made use of your garden rooms, or what you would do with one should it be built tomorrow. You can contact us on or call us on 01604 947 146 to discuss garden rooms. 
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