Ethics In Home Improvement Industry

Ethics in Home Improvement Industry 

The home improvement industry has always had a bad reputation, especially double glazing. How many of you have had a double-glazing salesman come round from a large company that refused to leave until you signed up? Even going outside to call their Manager to see if they could get you a discount and surprisingly coming back saying he has agreed a massive discount. 
There are also many huge sales, 30% off all products, which isn’t true, they have inflated their costs to be able to offer the 30% off. 
These types of tactics have been around since the introduction of uPVC windows and doors, although the BBC series White Gold is hilarious, even for ourselves that work within the industry, it does show the underhand tactics and the reason why our industry is so distrusted. 
It truly saddens us, that tactics like this are still happening and that these companies are fooling their potential clients into believing that they are getting a good deal, when in fact they aren’t. 
Within the conservatory roof replacement market, we have seen some awful stories where roofs have collapsed, in some cases destroying the conservatory, because the replacement roof hasn’t been constructed properly, or the new roof has been clad over the existing conservatory roof and the additional weight was too much. 
Ethics of Alternative Roof Solutions
Of late we have even experienced local replacement conservatory roof companies, advising our potential customers that we don’t know what we are doing or that our product is inferior to theirs, which it isn’t. Unfortunately, they are also saying this about other local companies. 
We are a very ethical company, founded by John Hales in 2015, who is a fully qualified roofer. John has 33 years’ experience in the home improvements industry and is a City and Guilds qualified tradesman. 
Our conservatory roof system was developed by John in October 2013 and is continually being refined to ensure that the lowest uValues are attained, and his system has been adopted by other local competitors. 
John has always ensured that all quotes are at the best possible price, sourcing quality products at the most competitive prices, to offer the best prices to his customers. Our customers come back to us time and time again, for any additional work they require, because they trust us and recommend us. 
Our standard of work is extremely high as we only employ the best installers, that have years of experience and are personally known to John, so that he knows his customers installations will be of the highest quality. 
Ethics and trust are at the core of everything that we do, which is why we will never say a bad word against our competitors, no matter what we think of them and we will never inflate our prices, to make out we are offering a big discount. 
If you have ever experienced a company say bad things about their competitors, stop and think, don’t take their word for it. The likelihood is that it is an underhand tactic, to close the sale as opposed to the actual truth. A salesman trying to get his commission and what does that say about the ethics of that salesman and that company? 
Check for yourself the reputation of the company that is being slated. Check their reviews, if they have been recommended by someone you know and trust, speak to that person and ask them what their experience was like. At the end of the day someone you know, and trust wouldn’t recommend anyone that they didn’t trust. Ask to speak to previous customers and view recent installations, a reputable company will be more than happy to oblige. 
At Alternative Roof Solutions, we want to change the way our industry is viewed by customers, which is why our Ethics and our Customer’s trust and loyalty is so important to us. 
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