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We don’t usually get a lot of sun here in the UK, but we all love spending time outdoors, especially in the garden. So, when the sun finally does make an appearance, we get our sunglasses on and the BBQ out. 
During the pandemic, we all had to adjust to a life of being indoors, which made home additions such as garden rooms and verandas more popular. You can benefit financially from the additional living space and gain a garden that you can use all year at a reasonable cost. 
Veranda, Northamptonshire

What is a garden room? 

Garden rooms are a stand-alone building, located in your garden. 
They are a unique space that have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They offer privacy and a perfect space for a variety of different activities 
• Outside bar 
• Garden office 
• Home gym 
• Guest room 
• Hobby room 

What is a veranda? 

Verandas have a similar functionality and appearance to a gazebo, but they are always attached to another building. Verandas have the benefit of providing shelter, but also allows you to be outside at the same time. No more bad surprises from the rain during your BBQs! 
Now you know the difference between the two, how can they increase a property’s value and what are the benefits of having a garden room or veranda installed? 
Garden Veranda

They offer additional living space 

The biggest benefit of any additional space is the increased value of your home. There are many ways to increase your living space, but the great thing about a garden room is that they don’t usually require planning permission as they usually fall under permitted development and are less expensive to install compared with a home extension. 
Verandas also don’t usually require planning permission as they also usually fall under permitted development. When compared to extensions such as a conservatory or sunroom, they are more affordable and are easier to install. Even though both are more affordable as a home extension, they will still make a valuable contribution to the value of your home. 

Why garden rooms are appealing for remote workers 

With the rise of people working from home, there is now a need for additional workspace. Garden rooms are attractive to prospective buyers who work from home as it allows them to have their own workspace away from family or distractions, allowing a healthier work life balance. 

You can use a garden room or veranda all year round 

The great thing about garden rooms is the versatility of them. They can be used all year round and have no limitations as they function the same as any other room in your home. 
Verandas can be used in most weather conditions, as they protect you from any potential rain and provide shade for warmer days. They don’t have heating, so they are best used during the warmer months. Either will increase property value as you have more living space, no matter what the weather. 
Veranda, Northamptonshire

Garden rooms and verandas are an attractive addition to your home 

Another factor that will affect your property value is the attractiveness of your home. People are more likely to bid higher when you have an attractive feature such as a garden room or veranda. 
They can transform your outdoor living area by creating a visually pleasing environment. There are many styles of garden rooms and verandas, but the results will remain the same, the aesthetics are improved! 
Now you know the different ways a garden room and veranda can impact your home in a positive way and increase your property value at the same time. 
If you’re a homeowner looking to improve your property with a garden room or veranda, contact our team for a free no obligation quotation quote today. 
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