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Benefits of Bifold Doors 

Bring the outside in by choosing Bifold doors. They can open up your home with natural lighting in an instance. 
Since many of us are spending a lot more time stuck inside, it’s important to find ways to brighten up our homes. Choosing Bifold doors allows you to do this perfectly. 
We can create an open plan living space that will brighten up your home. Our aluminium bifold doors are available in a range of colours and styles that will add natural light to any space. 
At Alternative Roof Solutions, we offer bespoke bifold doors. We offer a full design service and give advice on what size doors will best optimise your living space. Our designs are also flexible, meaning that we can even utilise a single traffic door which allows easy access in and out without having to fully open the entire set. 
We offer many options when it comes to designing and choosing the perfect bifold doors for you. Our bifold doors can either fold inwards or outwards. There are options with folding too, we provide doors that fold all the way back and stack against each other, or we can offer doors that split to fold on either side. 
They work great for confined living spaces and gardens as they allow the room to feel more open. 
Bifold doors, Northampton

How do bifold doors work? 

Bifold doors work by having the ability to fold back in on themselves in order to create an incredibly open space. They don’t require a lot of space to be able to swing open, and so they can fit into almost any entranceway, no matter the size. 

What size space will bifold doors fit? 

Bifold doors can be designed to fit almost any space, size, or configuration. At Alternative Roof Solutions, we make bespoke bifold doors, so we give advice on how to best optimise the space you have. 

Aren’t bifold doors only useful in the summer months? 

This isn’t the case, any day where the weather is nice and not too windy, the doors can be fully opened so you can enjoy a more open space. Whether it’s just for breakfast or lunch, you can enjoy them at any time of the day, and year. 

How do bifold doors differ from sliding patio doors? 

Most houses are fitted with sliding doors or French doors which don’t have the ability to fold. Bifold doors have the ability to create a 90% clear opening. Sliding doors can have less of a frame than bifold doors, but since they cannot create this opening, you don’t get the open plan feel from them. 

What colour options are there for bifold doors? 

Our aluminium bifold doors come in a range of standard colours but are available in any RAL colour, so you can choose what best suits your home and style. There is also an option to have the bifold doors coloured on the outside and white on the inside. The door handles can be the same RAL colour, or you can choose from chrome, black or white. 
So why not look at getting bespoke bifold doors for your home today? 
If you’re a homeowner looking to improve your property with a set of bifold doors, contact the Alternative Roof Solutions team for a free no obligation quotation and get ready to reap the benefits of a having a bifold door installed in your home. 
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