Wintery Conservatory

Make the most of your conservatory this winter 

The cold weather is returning! 

It’s not been the greatest summer on record, has it? August was a sodden grey mess, and then we enjoyed a blink-and-miss-it heatwave. Now we’re sliding into Autumn, it’s time to consider how we’re going to enjoy our conservatory throughout Winter. 
Just because we are heading into the bleaker months of the year, doesn’t mean we won’t have need for the conservatory. 
We might not be overlooking a flourishing garden, and we might not have the best temperature for it. However, the conservatory is still additional space in the house and shouldn’t be abandoned. 
Here are some ways to make the most of your conservatory this winter. 
Candles for conservatory

First, make sure your conservatory is warm enough 

Not every conservatory has a heat source. Often, this would have meant installing electric sockets. If you have electric point, a heater will heat up your conservatory, and it wouldn’t take long to warm up that small room. However, if you haven’t installed power points, there is no need to freeze whilst trying to make the most of your conservatory. 
Scented candles and tealights in the room will provide heat that will radiate around your conservatory in no time at all. Moreover, this will give it a nice, homely feel. 

Make sure your conservatory is properly insulated from roof to floor 

Your conservatory has many places where heat can escape. The floor and the windows especially. It’s important that you use as much insulation as possible. From adding blinds to the window to stop the heat going out, to making sure that the floor is professionally fitted with insulation to help keep the warmth in. 
Adding soft furnishings to your conservatory will help you keep the warmth in so that you can enjoy your extension throughout the colder months. 
Christmas Tree and Presents

It’s a great place for Christmas trees and presents 

If you are finding yourself spending a lot less time in the conservatory as the weather gets colder, it can still provide important space over the Christmas period. 
It can provide a home for the Christmas tree, and all of those presents for kids and grandkids. 
You can make the most of your conservatory by decorating it to match the season. And that goes for Halloween and New Year’s Day too. 

A place for the party food 

Another great way to make sure that your conservatory gets some use is to incorporate into your party buffets. 
Instead of spreading your food over all your kitchen sides or having a large cumbersome table in your living and dining rooms, store the buffet in your conservatory. The cooler temperature will keep it fresher for longer, and people will be able to use your other rooms to join in the party games and activities. 

Keep using your conservatory 

Yes, when you invested in a conservatory it was probably on a hot day and your garden was blooming with plants and flowers. At least, you probably had the summer in mind when you began the process of getting a conservatory installed. 
They are amazing when the weather is glorious. But even when the weather is suboptimal, they are still a part of your home and can be treated as such. 
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