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While a cracked pane is a clear sign that your window needs to be replaced, it is easy to overlook the less obvious issues. Modern uPVC windows offer ventilation, help save energy, reduce noise and keep your home safe. If your current windows are not doing one or more of these things, it may be a sign that you need to replace your home windows. 

Your energy bills have increased 

If you are noticing drafts around the house, especially in winter months, it’s time to investigate replacing them. Window draughts could be a contributing factor to your high energy bills. 
Improper window installations affect the energy efficiency of your house, allowing cold and hot air to flow through the gaps. 
If you live in an older property that has single-pane glass, it is recommended that you consider replacing it with double glazing. This is because single-pane glass is inefficient at reducing thermal transfer through your home windows. 
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Your home windows show visible damage 

Window defects are an important indicator that it’s time to replace your home windows. Noticeable signs include water damage, condensation, mould and cracks. 
If you notice moisture and fogging appearing on or between the frames this is usually condensation trapped between the glass. Windows with condensation between the glass are no longer operating at their maximum thermal performance. 
If there are visible cracks in the window frame, this weakens the overall strength of the window. When a window frame or glass becomes exposed to the elements, issues such as air and water leaks arise. 

You have difficulty operating them 

Windows should be quick and easy to open with a proper functioning lock. If they don’t operate as intended it can not only be frustrating, but it’s also a potential fire hazard and security risk. Windows need to open and close properly for the safety of your loved ones and guests. Especially, in the case of an emergency where a window might be your only exit out the house. 
There are many causes for poor window operation, the main factors being the build-up of dirt and dust, or a spring that is too tight. In this case, it is possible to repair faulty window handles to keep your family safe and secure. 

You want to soundproof your home windows 

Whether it’s traffic, barking dogs or aeroplanes flying over, if you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep it is worth considering replacing your windows. Single-pane windows will transfer sound vibrations from the outdoors into your house more easily than double or triple glazing. New energy-efficient windows absorb the noise waves before entering the house. 

You want an updated look 

Sometimes it’s just time for something new. Whether you are restoring your home to its historic design or updating to a modern look, replacing the windows will achieve your renovation vision whilst adding value to the property. There is a wide range of colour options for replacement windows, which can make them the most notable feature of your home. 
Look out for these warning signs, and if any of them sound familiar to you, it may be time to consider replacing your home windows. If you wish to discuss the various styles of uPVC windows that we offer, get in touch with our sales team on 01604 947 146. 

We’ll Make Your Home Energy Efficient 

At Alternative Roof Solutions, we can improve the energy efficiency of your home. 
Just call us on 01604 947 146 today for more information. 
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