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Porch, Northampton
Renovating a property is an exciting journey, but it comes with a range of regulations and permissions you will need to navigate. When doing most building work or altering a property, a form of permission is required. However, when it comes to Building Regulations and Planning Permission, it can be hard to know the difference. While they may seem similar, they serve distinct purposes in ensuring the safety, sustainability, and aesthetic harmony of our built environment. 
Disclamer: Building regulations are no longer a necessity for conservatory roof replacements.  
Porch, Northampton
Conservatories today are made of a significantly higher quality than those 25- 30 years ago. General wear and tear can cause various issues to your conservatory over time. These issues can often leave your conservatory a cold and unused room, signalling the need for a replacement. However, theres no need to replace your whole conservatory to breathe some new life into the space. A conservatory roof replacement will significantly help to improve your spaces style, functionality, and energy efficiency. But when is the best time to consider this upgrade? 
Solid Conservatory Roof

Transform your living space. 

Conservatories can act as versatile spaces that seamlessly bridge the gap between the indoors and outdoors. However, either to begin with or over time, the product that your roof is made from might not be energy efficient, causing your energy bills to rise throughout the year. Or, you might have had a change in design preferences and are looking for a new stylish and functional roof. 
sun room

Let more light into your life! 

Our exposure to sunlight in the UK is some-what limited throughout the year. This has been intensified by people spending more time indoors since the pandemic. This is seen especially with the number of people now working from home. These factors are greatly reducing the amount of natural light we take in daily. 
Imagine being surrounded by nature while basking in the warmth of the sun from the comfort of your own home. Sunrooms and conservatories offer exactly this, creating bright and airy spaces for you to spend your time. 
Not only do they have a great aesthetic appeal but, believe it or not, they also have several health benefits. So, lets shed some light on how conservatories and sunrooms can benefit you. 
Conservatory Roof Replacement
When working on home improvements, choosing where to start is often the hardest part. With all the possibilities, how do you pick a project that increases your home’s value without it turning into a money pit? 
There are many cheap upgrades you can do to each room of your home to add value. However, more large-scale projects often give you the best return on your investment. How much you spend on your home improvements depends on what your budget is and what you are looking to accomplish. 
Porch, Northampton
Conservatories are a fantastic addition to any home, providing a bright and airy space to relax, entertain your guests or enjoy an unobstructed view of your garden. Unfortunately, some conservatory roofs prevent homeowners from enjoying their space. 
Over time, a conservatory roof can become worn or damaged, leading to further issues such as leaks and heat loss. Polycarbonate or glass roofs tend to become worn more quickly due to constant exposure to different weather conditions. 
But how do you know when it’s time to replace your conservatory roof? In this blog, we'll explore some of the key signs to look out for. This will help you determine when it's time to upgrade your conservatory roof and finally enjoy your conservatory once again. 
Conservatory Roof Replacement
Having a conservatory for your home is a great investment. They’re a cost-effective alternative to an extension, while also increasing the value of your property. They also give your home additional living space, while also allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the view of your garden, no matter the weather. 
Porch, Northampton
Traditional conservatories are known for being colder in the winter months, and too warm during the summer. But there are ways to prevent this so you can enjoy your conservatory all year round. 
With the ongoing rise in energy prices, keeping the heat in your home is a top priority.  
If you would like to learn more about what home improvements will improve your home’s energy efficiency, find out more in our previous blog. 
To help you retain heat in your conservatory, here are some of the best ways to keep your conservatory warm during winter, so you can finally enjoy your conservatory. Even when the temperature outside drops. 
Porch, Northampton
Many homeowners in the UK are choosing to get a conservatory rather than building an extension. This is because conservatories are quicker to install, and they allow more natural light into your home. They also allow homeowners to enjoy their gardens more often. 
Traditionally, conservatory roofs are made from polycarbonate or glass to let in more light. Unfortunately, this also means homeowners can’t enjoy their conservatories all year round. 
Conservatory Roof
When we think of an extension to our home, we often assume that it’s a conservatory, but have you stopped to think how some look different to others? 
I get it, why complicate matters by having different names when their purpose is the same; provide a room with extra space and more natural light. 
There are a few distinctive differences between a sunroom and a conservatory. Below we will discuss these differences, so the next time you go to someone’s house you can wow them with your knowledge of their extension. 
Conservatory Roof Replacement
There are many reasons why it’s an innovative idea to replace your conservatory roof. Whether it’s wear and tear, or you would like to get more use out of your conservatory, there are many benefits to simply replacing the roof. 
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