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The Benefits of a Garden Office 

Restore your work / life balance with a new garden office 

The COVID-19 lockdown restrictions have meant that many people have had to get used to changing the way in which they work. 
Many of us have been working from home over the last few months and it seems that we are becoming accustomed to it, with 60% of people recently surveyed saying they would like to work from home more often than they did before lockdown began*. 
One issue that many homeworkers face is a lack of space or no dedicated area in which to be productive. Working from the kitchen table is fine until your family want to sit down for dinner and setting up a makeshift office in the living room means that distractions such as the TV could prove too tempting. 
If these issues sound familiar, Alternative Roof Solutions can help to provide a cost-effective garden room, which can be designed as a home office where you can focus on your work. 
Garden Offices, Northamptonshire

No commuting means more time for you 

The average commute in the UK is almost 90 minutes, and if you add that up over the course of a year, it’s a lot of time you are spending travelling – even without factoring in the costs of fuel or train fares. 
A garden office is literally a few steps from your back door, which means you’ll take back a couple of hours every day to spend more time doing the things you enjoy. 

Get the work / life balance right 

A garden office provides a welcome level of separation from your house and place of work. It gives you a professional space in which to work and meet clients, without having to host meetings in your home. 
Once the working day is over, you can simply lock the door of your garden office and be home within seconds. 
Physically walking away from your garden room and leaving the laptop behind will also help to reduce the temptation of logging on to check emails, helping you to create a better work / life divide. 
Garden Office

Your garden office, designed your way 

Offices are usually rather soulless buildings without natural light, but a garden office can be customised to suit your line of work and decorative tastes whilst allowing light to flood through patio style doors and large windows. And because our garden rooms are fully insulated, you stay cool in the summer and toasty in the winter months, so you can use your office space all year round. 
We can create warm, welcoming garden rooms as a sanctuary for therapy or beauty treatments, or a more traditional office space that can be decorated to your individual taste, making it a much nicer place to be than a grey cubicle in an open-plan office. 
We’ll install the electrics and the lighting and skim the walls to a smooth finish, ready for you to decorate in a style that suits your business. 

Professional garden room installation 

Alternative Roof Solutions have a range of garden office styles that can be installed quickly and with minimum disruption. We’ve designed garden rooms across the whole of Northamptonshire to our customer’s requirements – all backed with our 10-year guarantee. 
We’ve seen an increase in the popularity of garden rooms used as work spaces, with forward-thinking business giving employees the flexibility to work from home. If you want to make the move to a healthier work / life balance, then contact our team to discuss your garden office installation today. 
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