Veranda, Northampton
People have spent a lot of time and money investing in their homes and gardens over the last year. With many people working from home now, you can see why people want to sort out those little imperfections they have been living with for the last year or so.  
So, naturally, many people have been thinking about installing a veranda in their gardens. 
And why not? If you have the space, there is nothing better than sitting out in a cooling summer evening; and a veranda might be the perfect place to do that. 
So what are the pros and cons of having a veranda installed? 
Veranda, Northamptonshire

You can enjoy your garden all year round 

The shelter that a veranda means that you can extend the time you are spending in your garden. If you are spending more time at home than ever, then you probably could use the additional space. 
So being able to enjoy the fresh air for a bit longer would be welcomed. If you brought out a small heater you can enjoy your garden even when the weather turns colder. 

But a Veranda isn’t fully waterproof 

The only drawback to being able to enjoy your garden longer when you have a veranda, is that it is only the top that is waterproof. Unless you install a veranda with sliding walls, or side covers, then you are still going to have rain blown in during the colder months. 
Depending upon the angle of the rain, and the strength of the bracing British wind, a veranda may only provide partial cover. 
Garden Veranda

You can store equipment or garden furniture under it 

If you have a lot of garden furniture, or some play equipment for the kids to enjoy during the winter months, then they can be stored and stacked underneath the veranda. 
The roof of a veranda should protect the for the most part if there is a summer thunderstorm, or some barbecue-ruining hail. If you are just stacking them up overnight, then it is easy to bring them all back out again. 

But it isn’t necessarily very secure 

Storing all your equipment underneath a veranda is all well and good if your back garden is secure. If you want to secure your patio furniture, then it is perhaps better to have a shed or a conservatory instead. 
If there is access to your property from the rear, or your garden can be seen by any overlooking property, then you probably will need a more secure solution to protect your garden furniture and children’s play equipment. 

Verandas are a good addition to the house 

If you have the space to enjoy your garden, then a veranda is a great and attractive addition to the home. They are great for entertaining, for providing shade, and for making the most of your home and garden. 
If you are looking for a cost-effective way to improve your home, then contact us to discuss our verandas. 
If you’re a homeowner looking to improve your property with a veranda, contact the Alternative Roof Solutions team for a free no obligation quotation quote today. 
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