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With heating bills due to rise in April, it’s a good idea to start putting measures in place to keep costs down. There are ways to make your home warmer that don’t require completely relying on your heating. 
We’ve outlined a few in this blog to get you started. 

Make Your Home Energy Efficient 

Start by making your home energy efficient as this will cut costs on your heating bills effectively. Investing in insulation and better protection from the elements will help reduce the heat transfer between your home and the outside. There are many ways to do this, we’ve got a few suggestions below that are proven to be effective. 
uPVC windows

Upgrade to uPVC Windows 

By upgrading or replacing your windows, less heat will escape your home in the cooler months. The reason for this is that uPVC offers great insulation for your home prevents dampness and cold air from entering and keeping heat inside. From this, you’ll be spending less on your heating bills. 
You’ll be able to tell that your window needs replacing if you’re getting draughts through it, or you can hear the wind. This will mean that the seals have derogated over the years, they also shouldn’t be cold to touch. 

Replace Your Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof 

Thermal efficient conservatory roofs reduce the amount of heat transfer so that your conservatory stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This saves a lot of money on your energy bills as you’re not having to use as much heating or electricity for fans. 
Many find that their conservatory gets too cold to use in the winter and too warm in the summer. By making a simple change such as improving your conservatory roof, you’ll get more usage out of your conservatory too. 

Invest in a Porch for Your Property 

Adding a porch to your home gives it an extra layer of insulation from the outside elements. It puts a barrier between your hallway and incoming draughts so that they remain in the porch and don’t enter your home directly.  
Over time, you’ll be spending less on your heating and porches offer additional benefits too such as increased security to your home. 

Upgrade External Doors 

If your front door isn’t properly insulated then you could be losing a lot of heat through it. By upgrading to a uPVC door or composite door, your home will benefit from having improved insulation. These doors come in a wide variety of colours and styles for you to choose from too, so what’s not to love? 

Replace Your Garage Door 

An insulated garage door will make a huge difference to your home as it will ensure that heat isn’t being lost through your garage. Whether your garage is directly connected to your home or not, there are still benefits to having insulation. Your vehicles will be better protected against the elements, especially it’s battery and fuel. 

We’ll Make Your Home Energy Efficient 

At Alternative Roof Solutions, we can improve the energy efficiency of your home. 
Just call us on 01604 947 146 today for more information. 
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