Conservatory Roof Replacement
We’re all currently doing what we can to reduce our energy consumption. This includes turning the heating off for as long as we can. However, as the temperature outside drops, we may have to eventually turn the heating on. 
This is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency to help keep the heat in for longer. 

What is Energy Efficiency? 

Energy efficiency defines how effectively a building or product uses energy. The less energy it uses, the better its energy efficiency will be. The energy ratings range from A to G. Energy rating A is the most energy-efficient, with G consuming the most energy. 
Making your home more energy efficient not only saves you money on your energy bills but increases your property value. You can start with small but immediate changes, such as: 
· Switching to LED lightbulbs 
· Having your boiler serviced 
· Opting for energy-efficient appliances (fridges, TVs etc.). 
· Draught-proofing your home 
While this is a good start, other home improvements will save you even more money making your home more comfortable during the colder months. (the ideal temperature for a home is from 18 to 21 degrees). 
Conservatory Roofing

Replacing your windows and doors 

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your windows and doors, now is the perfect time. 
Replacing windows or doors can save homeowners more money on their energy bills. Windows and doors are responsible for around 25-30% of your home’s heat loss and gain. 
But how can you tell when your windows and doors are no longer energy efficient? 
· Your energy bills will be higher than normal 
· You struggle to open and close your windows 
· You hear too much outside noise pollution 
· There’s a draught coming from your windows or doors 

Velux Windows 

Because Velux windows are double-glazed at a minimum, they provide excellent heat  
retention for any home. 
As well as having excellent heat retention, Velux windows allow around 18% more natural light  
into your home. This reduces the amount of time you’ll need to use other lighting sources. 
With every conservatory roof we replace, we can also install Velux windows into your  
new solid conservatory roof. 
Replace Conservatory Roof

Solid Conservatory Roof 

Polycarbonate roofs were once the norm when it came to conservatories. However, replacing a conservatory roof with either glass or solid tiles has become increasingly popular. This is due to these materials being able to retain more heat than a polycarbonate roof. 
If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your conservatory, then a solid tile roof is the most effective option. Not only will your conservatory be comfortable to use all year round, but it will also greatly improve the overall aesthetic. 
If you want to replace your conservatory roof with a solid tile roof, get in touch with us today! (Contact details can be found at the end of this blog) 

Energy Efficient Bifold doors 

One of the main selling points of bifold doors is being able to completely open your home to the garden. But did you know that aluminium bifold doors are also incredibly energy efficient?  
When installed correctly and of high quality, your new doors will improve your home's energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills. 
At Alternative Roof Solutions, all our bifold doors are built bespoke for your home. We design bifold doors that can fit almost any size, space, or configuration. Get in touch with our team today. 

How Can We Make Your Home More Energy Efficient? 

At Alternative Roof Solutions, we offer a wide range of home improvement services that will help improve your home’s energy efficiency rating. This will help you save money on your energy bills. 
Get in touch with us today if you want further information on our services. We can also provide you with a free no-obligation quote for all our home improvement services. 
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