Conservatory, Northampton
Conservatories make a fantastic addition to any home. They can completely transform the look and feel of your home while giving extra space, so what’s not to love? 
Before thinking about adding one to your home, there are a few things to consider that we’ve made a list of below to get you started. 
Invest in a Conservatory, Northamptonshire

What style conservatory will best suit your home? 

Nowadays there are endless design and style options when it comes to choosing the perfect conservatory for your home. You can choose to go for a look that matches in with your home, or you can make a statement by having a design that completely stands out. 
Conservatories come in many different shapes as well, from P shape to Lean-to, or a completely bespoke design. 

What will it be used for? 

There is no such thing as a one size fits all conservatory. They have many uses and based on this, different types of conservatories will suit your home better than others. 
Will you use it as an extra room for hosting guests or to extend your kitchen area? The list of uses is endless which is why it’s important to decide on what the main one will be for your home so you can plan accordingly. 
P-Shaped Conservatory, Northamptonshire

What’s your budget? 

Depending on your budget will affect a number of factors as some conservatories cost more than others. 
You’ll want to decide whether to go for a big or small conservatory, as well as what kind of windows and doors you’d like. These days, uPVC come in a vast range of colours rather than just white, so you can go for whatever design best suits you. 
Conservatories are a worthwhile investment that can add significant value to your property and improve your living space. 

Is planning permission needed? 

Most conservatories don’t require planning permission, but it’s always best to check.  
In certain cases, such as listed buildings, these have certain limitations so it’s best to make sure. 
As long as the conservatory you’re planning doesn’t fit in with any of the conditions, you should be completely fine to go ahead. 
The conditions that need planning permission are: 
If you’re covering more than half of the land around the original house, 
If the extension is forward of the front or side of the original house that faces onto a road, 
If it’s higher than the highest point of your homes roof 
The conservatory can’t be higher than 4m 
You can find more about planning permission for conservatories here. 
Conservatories, Northamptonshire

Looking to get a Conservatory? 

If you’re looking to add a conservatory to your home then we can help! 
Whichever style you choose, our expert installers will ensure that your new conservatory meets all of your needs, and it even comes with an insurance backed 10-year guarantee. 
Invest in your property’s future today! 
Call us on 01604 947 146 to get a no-obligation quote for a conservatory. 
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