Car Port, Northampton
The basic distinction between a carport and a garage in easy. A garage is an enclosed structure consisting of a roof, walls, and at least one door. A carport, however, is not enclosed. They don’t have 4 walls or a door and can be as little as a roof supported by columns. 
When boiled down to their basic definitions, you might immediately think that a garage is a better option for your house. But that is not necessarily so. 
Here are 5 good reasons that you should choose a carport instead of a garage 

Carports are easier to build 

First, of course, is the obvious. A garage is an entire building that is usually attached to your house. Therefore, it needs a lot more construction. A garage will need everything from foundations to the roof. Often, garages will have an electric point in them as people keep large white goods or tools in their garage. 
Carports, conversely, are far simpler structures to construct. In fact, many people install their carports themselves. There are fewer materials to worry about, therefore you can have a carport built in next to no time at all. And of course, if you are saving time, you are saving money.. 
Car Port, Northamptonshire

Carports are cost-effective 

Everything from time spent to the material cost on a carport is far cheaper than if you are building a garage. If a garage sits significantly outside your budget, then a carport may be right for you. 
They still offer protection for your car and will shelter you from the elements. Yet, they will not break the bank to have installed on your property. 

Carports don’t require planning permission 

If you are going to build a garage on your property, often you need planning permission from your local council. This, as you can imagine, delays the process considerably. 
Carports do not need the same planning permission so you can start construction a lot earlier than you would if you had made the decision to build a garage. 
Car Port, Northamptonshire

Carports have great ventilation 

When people build garages, they begin to use it as storage. Things like your lawnmower or wheely bins get brought into the secure garage. Now, whilst this might seem more convenient, it can build up and trap a variety of interesting and musty smells. 
By building a carport you have a constant stream of air ripping though the construct, so if you do decide to protect your wheely bins from the elements, at least the smell is not going to be trapped or absorbed by the walls. 

Convenient and safe 

Having a garage can be a little bit inconvenient. If you are a single person just getting home, you might want to be able to drive right to your front door and go into the house without having to spend extra time just locking up a garage. 
Because you can build a carport over a window or a door, you can almost literally drive yourself to your couch. It offers a little bit of extra security for anyone who gets home late. 

There is a lot to consider 

Are you undecided? Then, if you are tossing up between a carport and a garage it is important to decide what is important to you? If you are looking for additional security, then a garage might be the right choice for your property and your vehicle. 
However, if you are seriously considering a carport, then we can discuss with you in greater depth the benefits they bring. Contact the Alternative Roof Solutions team for a free no obligation quotation. 
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