Benefits of a solid conservatory roof in Northampton 

Is your conservatory too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer? 

Polycarbonate conservatory roofs have very poor insulation, 
especially if they are quite old. Which is why they are very difficult to keep warm in the winter and unbearable to use in the summer. Even glass conservatory roofs, which can have better insulation can get unbearably hot and difficult to keep warm. 
Fitting one of our solid conservatory roofs with its three 
layers of insulation, means that in the winter, you will reduce your heating bills as the heat will be retained within your conservatory rather than escaping through the roof. Then in the summer the tiled conservatory roof will prevent the heat from the sun penetrating your conservatory, making it comfortable to use. 

Conservatory u-Values 

Do you understand what u-values means?  
Or how each style of conservatory roof affects the u-value and in turn affects how this affects heat retention in your conservatory, we have written a blog that explains everything and what  
u-value different conservatory roof materials are. 
Conservatory too noisy?
Conservatory too noisy? 
When the great British weather decides to downpour with rain, a polycarbonate or glass roof conservatory becomes very noisy, making it impossible to relax. Due to the timber framed construction of our replacement conservatory roofs and the tiles that we use, you will be able to use your conservatory no matter what the weather. 
Too much sun glare?
Too much sun glare? 
If you like to relax in your conservatory and watch the television or use it as an office, if the sun does decide to shine, the glare through the roof of your conservatory can make it impossible to see the television screen or computer screen. 
Solid conservatory roof = no sun glare from the conservatory roof. 
Sun bleached conservatory furniture?
Sun bleached conservatory furniture? 
With a solid conservatory roof, as the sun cannot penetrate the conservatory roof, it will help protect the furniture in your conservatory from bleaching. 
Alternative Roof Solutions
Lower maintenance costs 
Unlike polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofs, a tiled conservatory roof does not need to be regularly cleaned for it to remain looking as good as when it was fitted. 
A conservatory you can use all year round.

A conservatory you can use all year round. 

This is one of the main reasons that our customers choose to replace their conservatory roof. They have this additional living space but find that it is unusable for most of the year, so it can often turn into a dumping ground, with very little use. Replacing the conservatory roof with one of our lightweight solid conservatory roofs, allows them to use their conservatory all year round in comfort. 
Alternative Roof Solutions
Energy Efficiency 
A solid conservatory roof has a lower U value than a conservatory with a polycarbonate or glass roof. Which means that you will reduce your heating costs to maintain a pleasant temperature in your conservatory, as you will not lose heat through your conservatory roof. 
Added value to your home 
By installing a solid roof to your conservatory, this will add value to your home, as it more like a home extension than a conservatory. 
Along with the many benefits of replacing your conservatory roof we are also able to replace your windows and doors with new energy efficient uPVC windows and doors. The internal conservatory ceiling is finished to a high standard, giving you an elegant finish to your new room. 
Our skilled tradesmen will replace your conservatory roof in most cases within one week, to reduce the disruption to you and your home. 
All of our conservatory roof replacements come with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee.  

Contact us today for your no obligation quote to replace your conservatory roof. 

Review for Alternative Roof Solutions
"Brilliant company, made a first class job of my conservatory roofs and windows. I would definitely recommend them!" 
Lorraine Harris, Northampton 
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