Garden Room in Desborough 

Bespoke Garden Rooms by Alternative Roof Solutions in Desborough 

Looking to expand your current living space? Then why not choose a garden room! As well as being highly versatile, garden rooms make a stylish addition to any home. 
At Alternative Roof Solutions, we build each one completely bespoke to your requirements, and we take the time to ensure your new space is designed to meet your needs. 

Beautiful custom Garden rooms 

We’re proud to build high-quality garden rooms that last for many years due to their durability. Each garden room is built with a timber frame featuring two layers of insulation. We use rigid foam PVC cladding that has a decorative matt wood grain finish, coming in a variety of colours to match your style. The cladding doesn’t need to be treated annually, making our garden rooms a low maintenance option. 
Our experienced installers ensure that the process is quick and that everything runs smoothly. Each garden room comes with an insurance backed 10-year guarantee. 

Contact us to book a no obligation appointment today for a new garden room in Desborough. 

Our selection of garden rooms is meticulously designed and constructed to meet your specific desires. 

Benefits of installing a Garden Room 

Whether you would like to use the space as a garden gym or a hobby room, the options are endless. Having a garden room creates a perfect space to relax and unwind. 
They’re a worthwhile investment as they add value to your property, so even if you decide to relocate in the future, you’ll have an advantage in the market. They’re also a cost-effective way to extend your home, so why not consider getting one today? 

Beneficial for working from home 

Separating home and work life is important to stay productive, otherwise remote working can be quite challenging. With many people turning towards remote or hybrid working, making space in your home becomes essential. Having a garden office gives you a designated space to hold meetings and carry out your work without distractions. 
It gives you a distinction between work and home life by having a clear division of the two. Even just stepping outside into a new environment can have a positive impact on your mental health, so why not invest in a garden room today? 

A great addition to your home in Desborough 

Our garden rooms completely transform the look of your home. They’re ideal for making use of unused space, so if you’re not using your garden, why not consider installing a garden room? 
With so many colours and styles available, you can have the feature of your dreams. 
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Professional Garden Room Installations for customers in Desborough 

Looking to add a garden room to your home in Desborough? We’re here to help! 
All of our garden rooms are completely bespoke and come with an insurance backed 10-year guarantee. Our skilled installers ensure that the process is quick and has minimal disruption, so you don’t have to worry. 
If you want to create a feature with your new garden room then we can install decking or paving around it, making it stand out. 
For a free no-obligation quote and to find out more, call us on 01604 947 146 today. 

Get in contact with us today for a no obligation quote for your new garden room or call us on 01604 947146 

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