Garden Room in Kettering 

Alternative Roof Solutions offer custom Garden Rooms to Kettering home owners 

For Kettering homeowners looking to expand their homes, our garden rooms are the perfect choice! 
Each garden room we offer is professionally installed bespoke to your requirements and can be customised to suit your style. 

Built to stand the test of time 

Our garden rooms are durable and many years. They’re made with a timber frame and feature two layers of insulation. Rigid foam PVC cladding is used externally which comes in a wide range of colours. So you can have whatever style you wish. The benefits of this are that there’s no need to treat the wood since it doesn’t rot. 
We also install electrical points and lights as finishing touches in new garden rooms. 
Every garden room we install comes with an insurance backed 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind. 

Contact us today to book an appointment today for your new Kettering garden room. 

We craft and construct custom garden rooms in Kettering tailored precisely to your unique specifications. 

Advantages of having a garden room 

There are a wide range of benefits to having a professional garden room installed. For starters, they give you additional living space, from hosting guests to having an extra storage room, they’re extremely versatile. 
Along with the many different uses they can have, there are also many customisation options to get the perfect look for your home. 

Expand your available living space. 

If you find that you don’t have enough space in your property then getting a garden room could be just what you need. For many, the first choice is to look for a bigger property. However, adding to your existing space can be an easier and less expensive solution. 
Garden rooms are used as multi-purpose rooms, from a games room to an office space. There are so many different choices. You can even use your new space as a garden gym or a hobby room, the options are endless. 

Ideal for remote working. 

Whether your job has become more remote, or you just enjoy working from home, a garden room could be just what you need. It gives you privacy for meetings and when seeing clients. In addition to this, due to it being separate from your house, you get a better divide between work and home life. 
Conservatories by Alternative Roof Solutions, Northampton

Kettering Garden Room Installation 

If you’re considering getting a garden room for your home, then we’re here to help. 
We have a great range of garden rooms that can be designed and built completely bespoke to what you’re looking for. Each installation is quick and with minimal disruption. 
Kettering homeowners have been trusting us with their garden room needs for years and we even offer a 10-year guarantee, so what’s not to love? 
If you want to go that extra bit further we can even install new decking or paving around your new garden room to make it stand out even more as a feature in your garden. 
Simply decide the size and style and we’ll sort everything out for you. 

Contact our team today for a no obligation quote for your new garden room, or call us on 01604 947146 

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