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Sun Rooms by Alternative Roof Solutions, Desborough.  

What is the difference between a sun room or modern conservatory and a traditional conservatory? 

The traditional idea of a conservatory can be limited to white uPVC windows, paired with white uPVC patio or French doors, and topped with a polycarbonate or glass roof. However, modern conservatories now offer a diverse range of customisation options. So, homeowners in Desborough can tailor their conservatories to suit their every desire. 

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At Alternative Roof Solutions, we take pride in our dedication to delivering sun rooms that are truly unique and customised. We understand that your sun room should reflect your personal taste and style, so we ensure that every detail is carefully considered and executed. Whether you are looking for a modern and contemporary design or a classic and timeless style, we provide you a wide range of options to cater to your preferences. 

Why choose a sun room rather than a conservatory? 

Careful consideration is needed when choosing between a sun room and a conservatory, especially when blending older homes with modern designs. Older homes may require more thoughtful integration of a modern sun room to ensure it compliments the existing structure. Oppositely, modern homes are often well suited to the addition of a sun room as they can add functionality and visual appeal. 
Coloured windows, particularly anthracite grey, have gained popularity in contemporary home design. This bold colour choice makes a striking statement, adding a modern touch to the home. When combined with a well-designed modern sun room, these can deeply enhance the style of the whole property. 
There is no limit to the possibilities of designs for your sun room. Sun rooms from us are versatile and highly customisable. Sun rooms offer greater flexibility in design, allowing you to tailor the space to your preference. With a sun room, you have the freedom to incorporate features like a brick-built wall for privacy from neighbours without compromising the overall look of the space. 
You have numerous options to suit your desires when discussing the sides of your sun room. You can choose a combination of a small wall with windows, allowing natural light to enter while keeping your privacy. On the other hand, you also have the choice of entire walls of glass. This floods the space with light and offers uninterrupted views. If you goal is to create an open space, allowing for a connection to nature, bifold doors are the perfect option for your Desborough home. these can be folded away to create a large opening, integrating your home with your garden. On the other hand, patio doors with slim frames offer a sleek and practical solution, providing easy access to the garden while ensuring a stylish look. Both options come with low thresholds, making the journey from indoor to outdoor spaces smooth and seamless. 
There are so many colour options available for doors and windows for your conservatory, providing homeowners in Desborough with ample choice to customise their space. Our selection offers a range of standard colours that compliment every kind of home, including anthracite grey, which has gained popularity in recent years. For homeowners with specific colours in mind, we go the extra mile by offering windows and doors in any RAL colour, helping you create a sun room that matches your vision. 
When discussing your sun room roof, we provide two options to suit different preferences. The modern flat roof design and the lightweight solid roof both ensure energy efficiency and provide an appealing appearance. 

Benefits of sun rooms 

The high level of insulation provided by their solid roofs ensures your comfort throughout the year. 
This high level of insulation also contributes to your home’s energy efficiency. By reducing energy consumption, you can enjoy the added benefit of lower utility bills. 
We focus on making our sun rooms seamlessly blend with your home, creating a harmonious and inviting space, bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor living areas. 
The large windows of your sun room provide a seamless connection to nature, giving uninterrupted views. 
Our sun rooms come with a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, giving homeowners in Desborough peace of mind over their investment. 
Sun rooms can enhance the overall value of your property. With its attractive design and functional benefits, a well-designed sun room can be an appealing feature for potential buyers, making your home stand out in the market. 
In terms of permissions, sun rooms typically do not require planning permission, similar to conservatories. However, as they have solid roofs, sun rooms fall under building regulations. Bu theres no need to worry, as we will assist you throughout the process of obtaining the necessary approvals. After we are finished, you will receive a Building Regulations certificate, providing assurance that your sun room meets all required standards. 
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Our team of skilled installers are dedicated to bringing your dream sun room to life. We understand that each homeowner has unique needs and preferences, and we are here to assist you every step of the way in choosing the perfect style and colours for your sun room. We take great pride in the quality of our work, and to provide you with added peace of mind, our sun rooms come with a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee. 

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Reviews - Alternative Roof Solutions Northampton
“We would like to thank Alternative Home Improvements for the great work that they have recently completed on our conservatory conversion. The project involved a tight schedule and was completed in a very timely manner and finished to the highest standards.” 
Johnathan Bailey, Buckingham 
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