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How does a contemporary or classic conservatory differ from a sunroom? 

When thinking of a conservatory, the common perception people often have involves white UPVC windows, often accompanied by UPVC French or Patio Doors, with a choice between a polycarbonate or glass roof. While conservatories come in various shapes, they tend to share a similarity in appearance. 

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All of our sun rooms are designed bespoke to fit your requirements. We have a large range of options to design you the sun room you have always wanted. 

What advantages do you gain when you opt for a sunroom instead of a conservatory? 

The choice between a sun room and a conservatory depends on the style of your home and your personal preferences. Older homes often have a unique architectural charm that might not blend well with a modern sun room, making a conservatory the more suitable option. Modern homes on the other hand can benefit from the addition of a sun room, as it adds a striking feature that compliments the contemporary design. 
Coloured windows, particularly anthracite grey, have gained popularity in recent years as they make a bold statement. Similarly, modern sun rooms also serve as eye-catching architectural features, while offering additional living space. 
Sun rooms offer a lot of options and design possibilities. Unlike conservatories, sun rooms can seamlessly incorporate brick walls on one side, providing added privacy from neighbours without compromising the overall aesthetics. The sides of a sun room can also be designed with various options, such as small walls with windows above or entire walls made of glass. 
Opting for walls of glass in a sun room allows for an abundance of sunlight to flood the space, offering unobstructed views of the surrounding garden. To achieve the ultimate feeling of blending the indoors with the outdoors, bifold doors are an excellent choice. Alternatively, modern patio doors with slimmer frames provide the benefit of sliding open within their own structure, still offering a strong connection between the interior and exterior spaces. Both bifold and patio doors are designed with low thresholds, allowing for a seamless transition between the internal floor and the outdoor area. 
The versatility of our sun rooms extends to the choice of colours for windows and doors, allowing homeowners in Wellingborough to personalise their space. Anthracite grey has emerged as a particularly popular choice, but we offer a wide range of standard colours to suit various styles. Additionally, for those seeking a specific hue, we also supply windows and doors in any RAL colour. 
Regarding roof options, we offer two choices. The modern flat roof design or a lightweight solid roof. These designs are both energy efficient, making your sun room usable and comfortable throughout the year. 

Take advantage of all a sun room has to offer 

The solid roof provides better insulation, helping to retain heat during winter and keeps the space cooler in the summer. 
A sun room feels like a natural extension to your home. 
The large windows ensure beautiful open views of your garden. 
The enhanced insulation of the solid roof contributes to increased energy efficiency. 
With a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, homeowners in Wellingborough can have peace of mind about the durability and quality of their sun room. 
The addition of a sun room can increase the overall value of the property. 
Similar to conservatories, sun rooms typically do not require planning permission. However, as sun rooms have a solid roof, they fall under Building Regulations. We will assist you in arranging the necessary approvals and provide a Buildings Regulations Certificate upon completion. 
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Our team of skilled installers is dedicated to delivering a sun room that meets your specific requirements and expectations. No matter what style you choose, we will ensure that the construction is carried out with precision and attention to detail. All our sunrooms come with an insurance-backed 10-year guarantee, ensuring you that your investment is protected for the long term. 

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