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As the Christmas season approaches, its not just your indoor spaces that deserve a dose of holiday cheer. Turn your garden into a magical, outdoor oasis this year, creating a warm and enchanting atmosphere for family and friends. 
There are so many ways of decorating your garden for Christmas, turning it into a winter wonderland that will fill your heart with joy each time you step outside. But, before you can start decorating, you should ensure your garden is clean and maintained. Prune overgrown branches and clear fallen leaves or debris to create a blank canvas for your dream Christmas Garden. 

Outdoor lighting. 

One of the most effective ways to transform your space is through outdoor lighting. String lights, fairy lights, and LED candles can add a warm, inviting glow to your outdoor area. Use them to highlight your homes architectural features. Drape some string lights around your porch or wind it round your railings. You can choose between cool or warm toned, or multi-coloured lights depending on your preference. Illuminate your walkways. Ensure your guests have a magical and safe journey to your front door in the cold December nights by lining your paths with luminaries or pathway lights. 
Conservatory Roofing
Replace Conservatory Roof

Incorporate outdoor decorations. 

Introduce outdoor garden decorations to give your space that quintessential Christmas charm. Using lighted lawn ornaments, inflatables, or illuminated figures are effective ways of creating an impressive display. Choose items that resonate with your personal style, whether this be traditional, whimsical, or contemporary. 

 Festive foliage. 

Decorate your garden with festive foliage to infuse the spirit of the season. Try embellishing your trees with traditional baubles and tinsel. (You could also use some of those lights we mentioned earlier to jazz up your trees, creating a Christmas tree village in your own back garden!). Or even buy a real Christmas tree! Cover it in lights and baubles to create a festive-themed centre piece. 
Use the natural elements that you find in your garden to create wreaths, adding an earthy and rustic charm. Hang these homemade wreaths on your garden gates or fences. You could go a step further by fashioning a garland to frame your windows and doors. 

Create a cosy, Christmassy seating area. 

Dont forget to dress up your outdoor furniture and fixtures for the Christmas season. Add some festive outdoor cushions and throws to your garden furniture to create a cosy seating area. This can be an ideal spot for enjoying a hot chocolate or a catch up with loved ones, whilst admiring your newly decorated garden. 
Decorating your garden for Christmas is a great way to embrace the holiday cheer, not only for yourself but also for your neighbours or passers by. Illuminate your garden with lights, adorn it with festive foliage and incorporate Christmas-themed Garden décor. This way you’ll create a winter wonderland in your back garden that will fill your heart with joy and make your home the talk of the town. Go ahead and let your garden sparkle and shine during the most wonderful time of the year! 
Christmas Door
If you’re a home owner looking for home improvements over this festive period, get in touch with Alternative Roof Solutions for a free, no-obligation quote today. 
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