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Veranda, garden
Spring and Summer are the ideal times to start your bigger home improvement projects. The warmer weather allows you to get your projects completed with minimal weather disruption. Meaning the job will be completed quicker. This gives you the optimum amount of time to start enjoying your new and improved home during the summer! Spring is known as the season of renewal, so it’s the perfect time to breathe new life into your home with transformative home improvement projects! 
Conservatory Roof Replacement
When working on home improvements, choosing where to start is often the hardest part. With all the possibilities, how do you pick a project that increases your home’s value without it turning into a money pit? 
There are many cheap upgrades you can do to each room of your home to add value. However, more large-scale projects often give you the best return on your investment. How much you spend on your home improvements depends on what your budget is and what you are looking to accomplish. 
Porch, Northampton
At the moment, everyone is aware of how expensive heating our homes will be this winter. Even with Truss’ announcement that she will be capping the costs, this winter will be the most expensive winter in the UK’s history. With that in mind, heating a garden room might not seem high on your list of priorities. 
But if that garden room doubles as an office, you may not have a choice but to find ways to keep that room warm. Short of setting a bonfire in the middle of your garden room, you’ll be looking for cost-effective ways of heating your garden room beyond wearing a big coat. 
Here are some ideas for this coming winter. 
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