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Oh, how we have missed basking in the sun, weekly BBQs, and garden parties! With summer right around the corner it’s time to reunite with the outdoors. 

Great reasons be in your garden this summer. 

Spending time outside is beneficial for many reasons. For example, being outdoors exposes us to fresh air and natural sunlight. Both of these have positive effects on our mental and physical health. Stepping outdoors and breathing in the fresh air helps to alleviate stress and clear your mind. Exposure to sunlight also acts as a mood booster, increasing your energy levels and motivation. 
From reading a book in the sun to BBQing, there are so many ways to spend time in your outdoor space this summer. However, your garden might feel very separated from your house, or you might have no view of it. Because of this, spending time out there might not cross your mind as frequently, leaving this space to go unused. Make outside feel more inviting with these tips. 

Welcome the summer by embracing Indoor-outdoor living. 

In the past few years, the trend of indoor-outdoor living has peaked. Have you always dreamt of a home where your kitchen and garden feel seamlessly connected? Allow for your home to transition from indoors to outdoors in a few simple steps. 

Bifold doors. 

There are many ways that this trend is carried out in people’s homes. For example, the added feature of bifold doors opens your home to the outdoors instantly. Bifold doors add a wow factor to your home, making it appear more spacious. 
Bifold doors also make use of any decking or patio space you have connected to your home. A floor that extends from the indoors to the exterior will draw the eye outside. When the doors are open, this will give the illusion of elongating your room, adding extra floor space to your home. 


Adding a conservatory onto your home also increases the indoor-outdoor experience. The addition of a room which is almost entirely made of windows will stretch your view to the outdoors. This maximises your views and lets in the optimum amount of light, making your home feel bigger. 
If you want to enjoy the outdoors without having to go outside this summer, a conservatory is a great option for you. 
It is no help increasing access to your garden if it is not a place you would want to spend time. If your outdoor area needs some TLC, here are some tips to help create a space you would be proud of. 

How to upgrade your garden for summer. 

If your home does not already have one, the addition of a decking or patio will enhance the look of your outdoor oasis. This also adds on to the useable surface area of your house. If you are not one for gardening, a patio also reduces the amount of time you will have to spend on lawn upkeep. 
The addition of outdoor furniture on your patio helps to act as an additional room. Blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor. It is always a great idea to have a seating area in your outdoor space. Having a place to sit and relax increases the likelihood you will want to spend time out there. The addition of garden furniture like a sofa or table and chairs is useful for many things. This could be for alfresco dining or just a relaxing place to soak up the sun. 
Invest in a veranda. If you have space to enjoy your garden, then this is a great and attractive addition to the home. These provide shelter, protecting your outdoor furniture and allowing you to enjoy time outside, whatever the weather. With the addition of a veranda, nothing will stop you from pulling out the BBQ all year round. 
If you are a homeowner looking for cost effective ways to make the most out of our outdoor space this summer, contact the Alternative Roofing Solutions team to discuss our home improvement services and get a free no obligation quote today. 
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