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Spring and Summer are the ideal times to start your bigger home improvement projects. The warmer weather allows you to get your projects completed with minimal weather disruption. Meaning the job will be completed quicker. This gives you the optimum amount of time to start enjoying your new and improved home during the summer! Spring is known as the season of renewal, so it’s the perfect time to breathe new life into your home with transformative home improvement projects! 

Verandas: Improve your outdoor living space 

Verandas offer a great way to extend your indoor living space. They provide a sheltered outdoor area to relax and entertain. Enjoy the beauty of nature this Spring with a garden veranda, allowing you to watch the seasons change while being protected from the unpredictable British weather. Whether you prefer a cosy nook, or a spacious social spot. A custom- designed veranda can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and homes aesthetic. With options available for integrated lighting and heating, a veranda is a versatile addition that lets you enjoy your garden year-round. 

Garden office solutions 

Enjoy remote working this spring/summer from your new garden office. Garden offices are an ideal addition to anyones home, whether you work from home, or are just looking for a quiet escape. Garden Offices create a tranquil space for creativity and productivity, away from any distractions. And whats a better place to spend your time than in your own personal oasis, surrounded by your blooming Spring Garden? Not only this, but Garden Offices offer great insulation, lighting, and connectivity options. You can choose from a range of stylish and functional garden office designs that meet your personal needs. 

Sunrooms: Embrace indoor-outdoor living 

A sunroom is a versatile addition that bridges the gap between indoor comfort and outdoor beauty. With their big windows and bright atmosphere, a sunroom creates a welcoming space to enjoy panoramic views of your garden. You may choose to use your sunroom to entertain guests, or simply unwind after a long day. They provide the perfect calming space as you look out to your spring garden, full of wildlife and colour. Getting extensions such as these installed during the spring or summer helps ensure shorter delays, as things like the cold, wet weather can halt building for some time. Meaning you can enjoy the space quicker! 

Enhance curb appeal with a porch installation 

Take the leap this spring with a new front porch. A stylish porch installation not only increases your homes size, but it also offers enhanced protection and curb appeal. A porch provides a welcoming entryway and increased insulation for your home in the winter, so its best to get one fitted early to feel the full benefits. Add some decorative elements and lighting to create a charming and inviting porch that compliments your homes aesthetic. 

Hot Conservatory Roof Solutions 

Transform your conservatory into an airy, well insulated space this spring. If you find that your conservatory is too hot in the summer, a solid roof will drastically change how often you use this space. By switching out your roof now you’ll be able to experience the benefits in full this summer. Not to mention the improved warmth you’ll also experience in the winter. Choose a professional company to replace your old, leaky glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof for a solid one. Solid conservatory roofs are designed to regulate the rooms temperature and maximise comfort. Turn your conservatory into a space you can enjoy all year round this spring. 
Overall, spring is the ideal time to get going on home improvement projects. Whether you’re dreaming of a tranquil veranda, a peaceful garden office, or a cosy sunroom. By starting these projects now, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of the completed job this summer. our team of experts at Alternative Roof Solutions are here to bring your projects to life. 
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