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Conservatories today are made of a significantly higher quality than those 25- 30 years ago. General wear and tear can cause various issues to your conservatory over time. These issues can often leave your conservatory a cold and unused room, signalling the need for a replacement. However, theres no need to replace your whole conservatory to breathe some new life into the space. A conservatory roof replacement will significantly help to improve your spaces style, functionality, and energy efficiency. But when is the best time to consider this upgrade? 

How to know its time for a replacement conservatory roof. 

Temperature fluctuations. 

The quality of your roof is integral to getting the most out of your conservatory. A bad quality roof can make your conservatory too cold and draughty in the winter months. Or, unbearably hot in the summer. 
Glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs, especially older ones, are prone to wear and damage. During the winter especially, large amounts of heat can be lost through conservatory’s outdated glazing. With energy bills rising, homeowners can no longer afford this amount of heat loss. If you find your conservatory is too hot in the summer, or too cold in the winter, it’s time to consider a roof replacement. 

Physical deterioration. 

Aside from structural issues and comfortability, the visual appeal of your conservatory matters. Faded, outdated, or worn-out roofing materials can distract from the overall appearance of your home. 

Condensation and leaks. 

Leaks in your conservatory roof are clear indicators that it’s time for a change. Small instances of this can be repaired and patched. However, frequent, reoccurring issues can be a message that your roofs materials are starting to deteriorate. Leaks in your conservatory roof can happen due to a few reasons. Firstly, it can occur due to the roof not being properly installed, causing water to drip through the joints. Or water has been allowed to build up on the conservatory roof, causing it to be weighed down. This causes the water to eventually drip through the plaster. If untreated, leaks can lead to severe problems such as damp. If your conservatory roof is clearly cracked or mouldy, looking for roof solutions is a matter of urgency. 

Benefits of a new conservatory roof. 

The addition of a new roof improves your conservatory’s temperature consistency. A solid roof comes with improved insulation, providing excellent heat retention in the winter, as well as noise cancelling qualities. A thermally efficient roof also means that your conservatory will rely less on your homes heating system to generate warmth. This will help you to save on your energy bills in the long term. 
This insulation will also help to reduce leaks and condensation within your conservatory, which in turn will keep mould away. This therefore keeps your building, and everything inside it, safe. 
Your conservatory’s worth can be ascertained by how often it is used. If you spend lots of time in your conservatory, it’s worth spending a little more to get a lot more out of it. These factors all contribute to a new conservatory roof being a great investment long term. Not to mention the value that it will add to your home. 
Finally, a solid conservatory roof improves your homes appearance by giving it a modern, seamless look. A solid roof turns your conservatory into an extension of your home, which can be used as a year-round space. 

When is it best to replace your conservatory roof? 

While cleaning and maintenance can help the lifetime expectancy of your roof, all roofs will eventually need replacing. In cases of polycarbonate roofs, this can be as little as 10 years. However, there is an alternative to polycarbonate roofing, this being solid tiled roofs. Solid roofs are the most durable, with tile and synthetic options often having a lifespan of past 40 years. 
How long your roof lasts after installation depends on the material used and the build quality. For this reason, you must ensure you hire an experienced professional roof replacement company. 
Regarding the time of year, it’s often best to schedule in your conservatory roof replacement during the warmer, dryer months. This will help to avoid any weather delays, ensuring that your conservatory roof will be replaced quickly and efficiently. 

Conservatory Roof Specialists 

Here at Alternative Roof Solutions, we’re your local conservatory roof specialists. We design and fit conservatory roof replacements in Northampton that suit your homes style and needs. 
Get in touch with us today or fill out our online form for an instant online conservatory quote. 
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