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At the moment, everyone is aware of how expensive heating our homes will be this winter. Even with Truss’ announcement that she will be capping the costs, this winter will be the most expensive winter in the UK’s history. With that in mind, heating a garden room might not seem high on your list of priorities. 
But if that garden room doubles as an office, you may not have a choice but to find ways to keep that room warm. Short of setting a bonfire in the middle of your garden room, you’ll be looking for cost-effective ways of heating your garden room beyond wearing a big coat. 
Here are some ideas for this coming winter. 

Adorn your wall and floor with fine furnishings 

Imagine, if you will, a roaring hearth and a bearskin rug thrown on the floor. Doesn’t that sound like the epitome of comfort? Fast-forward to the twenty-first century and remove the unsafe open flame from your wooden building and swap the bearskin rug with something a little more ethical. 
No animals are harmed during the writing of this article. 
A carpet, and perhaps some fabric wall hangings are a great way of insulating your garden room. They also make the room look warmer, which still helps psychosomatically. So lay a thick rug or carpet in your garden room. 

Eliminate the draughts in your garden room 

One of the things you might not notice, or even welcome in the summer, are the draughts. During the heatwave, you might have appreciated the occasional soft blow of air wafting through. You won’t enjoy that quite as much when there’s a blizzard raging around your garden. 
There’s no point trying to heat a colander is there? 
Spend some time shoring up the garden room. Where there’s a draught, there’s a problem. You can block these with soft furnishings, draught-excluders, or new doors and windows. 

Install wood-burning stoves to your garden room 

It might seem counter-intuitive to try and save money by investing in a wood-burning stove. However, at least in the short term, wood burners are going to be more cost effective to run than a full central heating system. And, as the energy prices are set to rise, in the long term you might find yourself saving money. 
You must make sure that the wood-burning stove is installed professionally. The last thing you want is to either set alight to your garden room or fill it full of carbon monoxide. 

Dress like the brothers of the nights watch 

A good way to stay warm whilst you are using your garden room in the winter is to stop running around in your bikini or Bermuda shorts. A lot can be said for a thick and luscious dressing gown. Moreover, this will take immediate effect, and you won’t be waiting for the room to warm up. 
Don’t be afraid to get some slippers and thick socks on the go either. Remember heat escapes most through the feet and the head. 
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