Conservatory Roof Replacement
Having a conservatory for your home is a great investment. They’re a cost-effective alternative to an extension, while also increasing the value of your property. They also give your home additional living space, while also allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the view of your garden, no matter the weather. 

What are some issues with traditional conservatories? 

Traditional conservatories are primarily made up of windows and translucent materials, which meant homeowners could only enjoy their conservatory at certain times of the year. If your conservatory has a polycarbonate roof, then you may find that the space is not comfortable to use in the winter or summer. This is due to polycarbonate not being great at regulating heat. Other disadvantages of a polycarbonate conservatory roof include: 
• Not resistant to scratches, 
• Lack of soundproofing, 
• May easily attract condensation, 
• UV rays from the sun can penetrate the roof. 
Over time, modern advances have enabled homeowners to improve their conservatories. This has allowed them to not only improve the overall aesthetic of their homes but also let them enjoy their additional space, come rain or shine. 
Conservatory Roofing
In this blog, we will discuss the different ways in which you can improve your conservatory and finally enjoy using it all year round. 
Replace Conservatory Roof

Replace the existing conservatory roof 

Replacing your existing polycarbonate or glass roof with a solid tile conservatory roof comes with many benefits. Not only is a solid tile roof a great investment for your home, but it’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your conservatory. 
By replacing your existing conservatory roof with a solid tile roof, you’ll benefit from: 
• Low to no maintenance required, 
• Improved heat retention and regulation, 
• A space you can use all year round, 
• Improved overall aesthetics, 
• Reduced noise pollution, 
• Many style and colour options are available, 
• No sun glare, 
• Improved energy efficiency. 
If you’re looking to get your conservatory roof replaced, get in touch with us today. All our solid tile conservatory roofs are made bespoke and tailored to your requirements. Read more about our conservatory roof replacement here.  

Replace the conservatory windows 

As your conservatory begins to age, your conservatory windows may become less energy efficient, and you start to notice a draught coming in. If you’re looking to get your conservatory windows replaced, we recommend having uPVC. The benefits of uPVC windows are: 
• Low maintenance, 
• Weather resistant, 
• Durability, 
• Affordable, 
• Customisable. 
If you’re planning to have your conservatory roof replaced, and the windows are not as efficient as they once were, we recommend also having them replaced at the same time. 
Replace Conservatory Roof

Replace the conservatory doors 

Another thing to consider replacing is your conservatory doors. Like your windows, the doors to your conservatory may be letting out valuable heat, and not be as energy efficient as they should be. 
By replacing your windows and doors, your conservatory will become more energy efficient, and you will benefit from better heat retention and regulation, allowing a more comfortable and usable space all year round. 
Another benefit to having your windows and doors replaced is the opportunity to transform and overhaul the look of your conservatory. There are many styles and colours to choose from, allowing you to modify your conservatory more freely. 

Improve your conservatory with Alternative Roof Solutions 

At Alternative Roof Solutions, we’re here to help you improve your conservatory. Whether you’re looking to replace your conservatory roof, windows, or doors – we’re happy to help. 
If you would like a free no-obligation quote on any of our services, get in touch with us today using the contact button below. 
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