Conservatory, Northampton
It will soon be that time again. You know, where the mosquito’s come bulldozing through the window and you have to kick off that duvet to stop you basting in your own sweat. Yes, summertime is on its way. And, you know the struggle of keeping your conservatory cool in summer. 
They can often feel like a greenhouse, can’t they? 
So, before the sun puts his hat on and the temperature rises to Saharan levels, we thought you might like some helpful ideas. 

Put up some blinds 

The good thing about blinds is that they look good, they can be quite cost-effective. When the heat is at its highest, they will help make sure that your conservatory doesn’t overheat. 
Of course, blinds also help in winter. They can help insulate your conservatory and stop the heat escaping. 
Conservatory, Northamptonshire

Keep the soft furnishings to a minimum 

Cushions and rugs look great. They look homely and inviting. There is nothing better than diving onto a plush sofa with scatter cushions – in winter. 
If you’re looking to keep your conservatory cool in summer, soft furnishings are going to have the exact opposite effect. 
So, if you are the sort of person to stuff your conservatory full of fabrics and soft furnishings, then perhaps move the majority of them out for the summer months. 

Use light colours in your Conservatory 

When you are designing the décor of your conservatory, your colour scheme will be important to you. You may tend to like bright or dark colours, and that is fine. Each to their own. 
However, if you are worried about the rising temperatures of summer, it is best to think about decking your conservatory out in light colours. Dark colours tend to absorb the heat. Light and pastel colours will reflect the heat, keeping you cooler in the summer months. 

Increase ventilation to keep your Conservatory cool 

Increasing the ventilation can be as simple as keeping windows and doors open. Whilst you are in the property, you can help the air circulate better. This is a cost-effective method. 
However, you might want to turn your attention to your roof. A traditional conservatory fan, a skylight, or vents should help you keep cool air flowing when the summer really heats up. 

Choose one of our energy efficient conservatories 

Alternative Roof Solutions’ use insulation within our bespoke timber framed conservatory roof system that reduces the level of heat transference. 
To put it in layman’s terms, this means that heat stays in your conservatory in the winter, and in summer, it helps to keep the heat out.  
We all know how unpredictable the weather can be in Britain, so no matter how hot or wet the summer is this year, you will be comfortable in an energy-efficient conservatory. 

Wrapping up 

If you are anything like us, then you can’t wait for summer to roll around. You might enjoy pottering around the garden or lighting the barbecue for friends and family. There’s nothing like a lazy summer evening sat in your conservatory with a book though, is there? 
There is nothing worse than trying to lounge in a room that has spent the day doubling up as a pressure cooker. 
One thing you could do for your conservatory is consider changing your polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof for a modern, solid conservatory roof. Contact the Alternative Roof Solutions team for a free no obligation quotation and get ready to reap the benefits of a having an energy-efficient conservatory added to your home. 
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