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When we think of an extension to our home, we often assume that it’s a conservatory, but have you stopped to think how some look different to others? 
I get it, why complicate matters by having different names when their purpose is the same; provide a room with extra space and more natural light. 
There are a few distinctive differences between a sunroom and a conservatory. Below we will discuss these differences, so the next time you go to someone’s house you can wow them with your knowledge of their extension. 
Sun room, Northamptonshire

What is a Sunroom? 

A sunroom, is an extension of the main house. The idea is to create an addition to your home that has multiple windows to achieve a lighter space and invite fresh air indoors. They can often be decorated with furniture and plants. Sunrooms are popular because they can increase home value and provide extra space for activities or events. 
As a Sunroom has a solid roof structure, it is better insulated than a standard conservatory, so allows for use throughout the year. 

What is a Conservatory? 

Unlike a sunroom, a conservatory was originaly designed to help plants grow. Because they are typically created with glazed panels, this allows more-light to flood into the room and keep warmth indoors; being a perfect environment for plants to grow. 
Over the years, conservatories have become more sophisticated, which has led to them being used as as additional living space. Although the glass or polycarbonate roof, can mean that the conservatory, is not comfortable to use all year round. 

What Are the Different Styles of Conservatories? 

Recognised by it’s pitched roof. This is one for the more popular styles and a classic choice that suits many homes. 
Like the Victorian style but has modern features such as a flat front. They are generally more spacious, which makes them an ideal choice for a dining room. 
Due to its simplicity, they are easy to install and ideal for modern homes. 
A combination of Victorian and Lean-to, this conservatory is great for open-plan living and fits well with larger homes. 
These styles have a triangular front, making them a perfect choice if you want the light to fill the room. 
Has a central projection and can be either Victorian or Gable. These are perfect if you want to separate your extension into two individual rooms.t to edit it. 

This Differences Between a Sunroom Vs Conservatory  

• Solid tile, slate soof or GRF flat roof 
• Often large patio doors or bifold doors to allow the outside in 
• Acts more of an extension to your home 
• Often some solid walls 
• Suitable for most or all seasons 
Indoor sun room
• Glass or Polycarbonate Roof 
• Translucent roof 
• Construction is predominantley glass panels with a glass or polycarvbonate roof. 
• Not always usuable all year round. 
indoor conservatory
As you can see, there are many differences between the two and it’s important to decide which is more suitable for your home and personal style. If you’re ready to invest in an extension of your home, we at Alternative Roof Solutions have plenty of options for you. 
If you’d like to know more, call us today on 01604 947 146. 
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