Conservatory Roof, Northampton
Do you find yourself only using your conservatory in certain months of the year? Getting an energy efficient roof installed can help you save money and allow you to get the best usage out of your conservatory all year round. 
You would be surprised how much difference changing your conservatory roof can make. If your conservatory has become an unloved part of your home then it might just need an upgrade. 
Getting a new roof installed is a much more cost-effective option then having to get a brand-new conservatory. So, before you jump to any decisions, we’ve written a helpful article about how a different roofing option could be the perfect solution for you. 
Solid Conservatory Roof, Northamptonshire

The benefits of an Energy Efficient Conservatory Roof 

The main benefit that stands out with energy efficient conservatory roofs is that they will reduce your energy bills.  
Better insulated roofing options reduce heat loss which allows for the conservatory to be warmer in the winter.  
This will mean that overall, you’re spending less money on heating and be able to enjoy spending time in your conservatory. 
In the summer months, conservatories with glass or polycarbonate roofs can become unbearably hot to use 
With an energy efficient roofing option such as tiled or solid roofs, they reduce the glare from the sun, making your conservatory a lot cooler. This will in turn reduce your electric bill as there will be no need for fans to make it usable. 
Now that we’ve discussed the reasons for getting an energy efficient conservatory roof, let’s look at the benefits for solid and tiled conservatory roofs. 
Tiled Conservatory Roof

The benefits of Solid and Tiled Conservatory Roofs 

So, what makes tiled and solid conservatory roofs a good option? 
To start with, they’re an incredibly energy efficient as discussed above. This is due to them being fully insulated to regulate the temperature inside your conservatory, allowing for it to become a usable living space all year round. 
Another reason to choose our bespoke tiled and solid roofs is that they are fitted with lightweight tiles which reduces noise from the rain, transforming your conservatory into a relaxing space. 
If you hardly get any use out of your conservatory due to the weather then changing the roof of your conservatory could be the solution you’re looking for. 
Our solid and tiled roofs also come in a wide range of styles and colours, so if you’re currently unhappy with the way your conservatory looks, a new roof can completely transform it’s look. 
Another additional benefit is that these roofing options require less maintenance as they don’t need to be cleaned regularly to look good. 
Tiled Conservatory Roof

Thinking about Replacing your Conservatory Roof? 

If you’re now thinking about replacing your current conservatory roof then we’re more than happy to help. 
At Alternative Roof Solutions we provide both bespoke tiled and solid roofing solutions to fit your conservatory. 
We are able to replace and install a brand-new roof for you, so your conservatory can become a usable additional living space, regardless of the weather. 
Contact us on 01604 947 146 today to discuss upgrading your conservatory roof. 
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